By LifeFuels

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2019-09-29
  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 82.00 MB
  • Developer: LifeFuels
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.2 or later.
Score: 4
From 30 Ratings


LifeFuels is a smart nutrition bottle that turns ordinary water into a drink packed with flavor, essential vitamins and nutrients. Use the LifeFuels app to unlock the full power of the LifeFuels Bottle. DISPENSE YOUR WAY: Dispense your FuelPods from within the LifeFuels app. The LifeFuels app lets you control the strength of your beverage. TRACK NUTRIENTS: Want to make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin C? Track your nutrient consumption over time to make sure you’re meeting your health goals. TRACK HYDRATION: Set your daily hydration goal and track your progress using the FuelLog. Integrate Apple Health to track your activity against your hydration needs on the FuelLog! CREATE CUSTOM BEVERAGES: Mix and match FuelPods to create custom beverages. BUY FUELPODS: Discover and purchase FuelPods that help you meet your health goals.



  • Doesn’t work as expected / flawed

    By NewYawkSeahawk
    The concept is cool but after 2 months and 2 bottle replacements there’s just a lot of flaws for a $180 water bottle. The company blames the issues on its app but I think it’s just a “rushed to market” product with flaws. The battery charge indicator doesn’t work, it doesn’t always properly log your fluid intake, it doesn’t seem to know the difference between regular water and water with dispersed flavor pods. Their social media and marketing do a great job of making this product look appealing but it has a lot of bugs and kinks to work out.
  • Good idea, could improve a lot

    By C Dog @ USA
    So far so good, works as advertised. No issues. App works well. Got a deal on the bottle at 100, and I wouldn’t pay more than that for what this does - read a review that someone paid 190 and has a lot of issues, no thanks, and I hope they get a full replacement/refund. I would like this a lot more if it was supportive of an active lifestyle, and for god’s sake how did you design this and have it NOT fit in standard cup holders of automobiles?? The lid is easy to lose and should either be tethered or have a “sippy cup” type option like camelbak bottles or similar. And the weight is considerable for what is only 17oz of water. It would be better if the water vessel detached from the heavy, bulky base. So my fix so far is: make the drink and fill up sports bottles. But then that renders the “mobility” of this product useless, at least for high activity folks. Why not buy squirt bottles of flavored electrolytes from the grocery store for your water? Maybe sit this thing on an office desk, call it mobile, call it a day?... not impressed, but I like gadgets so it entertained me for a couple days. When these pods go empty it’ll sit in a cabinet the rest of its life I’m sure.
  • Concept is great, Functionality is not.

    By Rameh
    I love the concept of the bottle. It looks good, it’s interesting. Now for the problems.... For the simplest issue, my bottle leaks a small bit. Not bad, but when on its side a slow drip forms from the lid. The flavor pods don’t work correctly. I can never get all three bays to work at the same time. I haven’t been able to get one bay to work at all. I hope they can resolve the issues. I really like the concept. I have contacted customer service and will update the review once I see what happens!
  • Issues

    By carter sumida
    I had this water bottle for not even a day and the fuel pods aren’t connecting they did befor but now there are not it is so frustrating PLEASE FIX THIS
  • Life Fuel Pods & Connectivity

    By PhoenixQuest
    I’m giving this 3 stars, because life fuel pods are giving me problems. I insert them and they come up invalid & they are not registering. The bluetooth connection tends to shut off from time to time & it’s frustrating to not know what’s going on & tracking my drinking water habit. They are way too many problems going on with the connectivity of this bottle. You guys need to get on TOP OF THIS PROBLEM‼️‼️Your idea is wonderful but your Connectivity & Insertion of the Life Fuel Pods are causing too many issues‼️‼️
  • Fuel pods always invalid

    By Tyslim88
    For some reason it keeps logging me out and I have to sign in every time, and it isn’t logging in my bottle half the time. Make it worse now the pods are always invalid no matter how much I try to get it to work. I’ve only had it for over 2 weeks now, it’s getting worse and I’m starting to regret buying it. Please please fix this
  • Great product!

    By Samgak90
    Love the app and the bottle but most of all, the flavors! hope they keep introducing more!
  • Great still buggy

    By lip89
    I love this product and the entire concept. They do need to work out bugs with the app though. Constant Bluetooth connectivity issues, fuel logs not updating etc But the fuel pods taste great and it’s helping me get my daily water intake.
  • Problems

    By Blackstar#1
    I love Lifefuel and the entire concept of it. I’m going to give it a 4 star because of how much I love the product in general. I don’t know how everyone else’s products are but my LifeFuels seems to be having manny issues. I watched very tutorial on this bottle before and after it arrived and got shipped so that I don’t mess it up. I just spend 190 dollars on this with the shipping extra and am really worried about my bottle. It has problems inserting the LifeFuels and has problems connecting to my phone. The light constantly blinks red and I check the life pods to make sure there are no leaks or anything but there is still no solution I can find to my problem. I try chatting and calling you but the office also seems to close very early. I just tried to call today at 5pm but the office was closed and I get out of school at 4:45 because of football. Please help me fix this.
  • Love My LifeFuels Bottle

    By JAnthonyH
    I take my LifeFuels bottle everywhere. Hydration is such a key component to a healthy life and my LifeFuels bottle has quite simply become part of my daily routine. The fuel tracking log allows me to easily monitor my water intake and the pods provide the perfect nutrients that I need throughout the day. I enjoy the peach multi-vitamin in the morning and the natural energy grapefruit around 2:00 pm for that boost to keep me going strong mentally and physically. And the pod flavors taste great!!