Dark Sky Weather

Dark Sky Weather

By Jackadam

  • Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2012-04-16
  • Current Version: 6.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 46.42 MB
  • Developer: Jackadam
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 49,121 Ratings


Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.) Featured in: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, and more. YOUR WEATHER, DOWN TO THE MINUTE Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour and hour-by-hour forecasts for the next day and week. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER ANIMATIONS The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Dark Sky comes with advanced notification options: Receive down-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining at your exact location, get notified of government severe weather alerts (for such things as thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes, etc.), or even create your own custom notifications covering the next 24 hours for things like temperature, wind, precipitation and more. Even if you haven’t opened the app in days, Dark Sky will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. TODAY WIDGET The Dark Sky Notification Center Widget tells you at a glance what’s going to happen in the next hour and the next week, so you don’t even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before heading out. TIME MACHINE Explore weather in the past or future. Choose a date and see historical weather data or future predictions based off of seasonal averages. APPLE WATCH Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and check out the weather for the next week with the Dark Sky app built from scratch for Apple Watch.



  • Good Interface, Inaccurate Forecasting

    By KeithShepard
    I like the UI so a star for that, and it does a good job telling me the current temperature. Another star for that. And they don’t sell our location data so a big star and thank you for that. But the forecasting part of this app is fairly inaccurate. Precipitation forecasts are very hit or miss. Dark Sky probably works very well if you live in New York, Los Angles, or Chicago where there are more robust and abundant sources of weather data. But in a medium size city like Minneapolis, I find the forecasts are really off beyond the current temperature or maybe the next 30-minutes. I want to give it a five star rating, but they need a better source for weather data in places beyond major cities.
  • Not the greatest for a paid weather app

    By Carterer
    I honestly do not write many reviews. Though after having multiple free weather apps and paying for this one, I felt it necessary. I set all the notifications on the app and the watch on and it completely drains my batteries, especially on my smart watch. It does not at all pick up or report small rain drop particles. Such as light drizzle or “misting’ rain. I am constantly submitting reports of rain that the app shows nothing of. Nor is there any easy way of contacting support to explain my problems. I am a tennis instructor that needs accurate weather information in order to schedule my lessons correctly. It has on a few occasions predicted rain within a 15-20 min time frame. That’s why I gave the app the second star.
  • Updating Location

    By El Mish
    The overall app itself is very simple and informative. I love everything about it. The only thing I’m experiencing (and maybe others are too) is updating current location. I have mines on with “Always sharing” but when traveling to a different city or place, I always get notifications based on the previous area I was at before and have to manually refresh the settings in order to get my actual location. Please fix and it will be a perfect 5 🙏🏽
  • Accurate on 20% of the time

    By Deborah Goldeen
    I work outdoors and desperately need what this app promises to do, but fact of the matter is, most of the time it’s wrong. I’ll be at barn looking at app and it will say it is raining when it’s not and vice versa. It’s wrong about start and stop times and intensity. It might be helpful for people who don’t actually need to know whether or not it is going to rain, but for those of us who do, Dark Sky is a perverse joke. To be fair, they get their information from the NOAA radars, which, in our area aren’t nearly as good as they should be because of an internal power struggle that put the radar in the wrong place. But for me, the app is all but useless. I’ve had the app on my phone for three years, always hoping that someday it will start to work, but today was last straw.
  • Couldn’t be more inaccurate!

    By Another Walkman
    Bought for myself and four family members. In a 100 mile radius in Southern California over a period of ten hours and 6 cities, no notifications for any of us and in each and every city showed partly cloudy and no chance of wind or rain. The same 100 mile radius poured rain for 8 hours and had slides, flooding, and heavy winds. I demand my money back. Total garbage with NO WAY to reach support.
  • Appealing interface, but inaccurate

    By tdhoops
    After being disappointed in other free apps, I read a bunch of reviews for several different paid apps and decided to spend the $4 for Dark Sky. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks. So far it has been horribly inaccurate predicting snow and freezing rain - even as the precip is falling (like right now...there is a light to moderate snowfall that has been coming down for about two hours, but the app says it’s overcast with a chance of snowfall in 25 minutes). I’ll keep it for another month or so and see if it gets better, but I’m pretty bummed for now.
  • I paid for this?!

    By nexus6man
    Firstly, The app always seems to forget where my location is which makes me have to shut the app down and restart it. Secondly why does precipitation show up in blue ingredients of pink and purple. If it’s raining I don’t want it to look like snow is falling and vice versa. Thirdly there aren’t very many settings for my preferences as to how I want things to look or for more in depth settings. About the only thing I really do like about this app is that I don’t have to view tons of commercials or banner ads like most of the other apps for weather
  • Good idea

    By BvN_87
    You guys should make it so there is a spot to see multiple cities at the same time or a favorite list that would be awesome you should all so make an additional spot for the Apple Watch do you have the wind in the area just like the Apple weather app does for the watch then I can delete the Apple weather app
  • Accuracy is not as advertised

    By Joelelske
    I do not usually write reviews, but I thought others should know before they spend money on an app that is less accurate then the native apple weather app. I purchased it solely based on the good reviews and the misleading info page. Unfortunately, it has been wrong since the app was turned on. As I am standing in my backyard telling my dogs to come in because a downpour had started, the app says light rain in 20 mins. Meanwhile, it is a constant heavy rain for over a couple hours and the app says light rain ending soon. It did not stop. Also, I look ahead in the day to see what time it will rain, apple says 1pm and this app says 7pm? Of course it rained around 2 so both were wrong, but 5 hours off? I don’t mean to be so picky but it hasn’t been right yet and the fact that I spent money on “toy” app led me to write this review. The reason I gave 3 instead of 2 is because it is a nicely put together app with some great features. I just wish it could do what it says it could do. I will be sticking with my free apple app
  • Finally Dark Mode

    By Deathmetalpat
    Definitely an excellent app gives me accurate notice of incoming precipitation.I am glad that Dark Mode is available because I have Dark Sky on Android as well and prefer Dark mode.Just a lot easier to read the information.